Our training courses
Improve your tech skills

The courses are designed for audiences who intend to expand their skills in software development, from deepening a programming language to training on specific frameworks. Our training activities will appear simple and efficient and can easily integrate with the IT tools already used within your realities.

By combining educational systems and methods with high-level technological platforms, we offer a great learning experience, turning our help to companies, students and freelancers.

Corporate training.
Let your teams acquire new skills.

Staff training and strengthening is a fundamental aspect for every company, to be competitive in the market and constantly updated. Our goal is to offer intelligent solutions to make resources autonomous in the use and management of applications, providing the company with time savings, greater productivity and excellent quality of work.

We hold custom lessons based on the level of competence of the team, creating specific training projects: you can also choose whether to tackle the path online or on site in accordance with your needs.

Courses for students and recent graduates.
Get trained on the skills required in the world of work.

We give students (university and non-university) and recent graduates the opportunity to acquire practical skills and specific training in the field of development, establishing a first contact with the working world. Our highly qualified teachers have all the necessary skills to provide solutions connected to the most modern technologies required by the market.

The aim of the course is to train young professionals in software engineering, from web to mobile development: the topics covered will include HTML, CSS, JavaScript and frameworks such as React or Angular.

Paths for SMEs and freelancers.
Help your business grow.

The ideal solution for the different needs of SMEs (small and medium-sized enterprises) and, in general, of freelancers is the creation of a tailor-made training process: this allows us to identify every specificity of their productive, dimensional and organizational context, elaborating solutions tailored to individual companies.

The program and the topics of the various courses are therefore declined according to the specificities of the business and the know-how of the people who participate in the courses, offering them the possibility of creating an ad hoc path based on their technological needs.

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