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Our development services

We want to create high quality products that represent the perfect combination of the customer's business objectives and available resources. Precisely for this reason we field a team of professionals from all over Europe, able to support the user in all phases of the project.

Our aim is to achieve long-term success by redesigning technical solutions of varying complexity and increasing flexibility and efficiency.

Web development.
Websites, management, single-page applications (SPA).

Our Netstrada experts leverage modern approaches to web development, providing front-end, back-end and software architecture solutions to meet your business needs. We assist you in creating software products that can lead to successful end-user interactions and strong revenue streams.

Whether it's a website, a management software or a single-page application (SPA), our web solutions offer a high-level experience, ready to launch a new project, develop new modules or improve existing features.

E-commerce solutions.
Digitize your store and start selling online.

The e-commerce industry has revolutionized the online shopping experience for customers, becoming an essential part of today's business. With our support you can digitize your store and build a customized platform to sell your products and promote your brand.

With our solid knowledge of cutting-edge technologies, we are able to offer you the right opportunity to expand your consumer audience and surpass the competition by creating ad hoc e-commerce development solutions: from a complex product for an international market to a tailor-made digitization operation for your store.

Custom iOS and Android apps.
Publish your application in the App Store and Play Store.

We offer end-to-end mobile application development services, using cutting-edge technologies and tools. Our apps for iOS and Android - tailor-made for the customer - have an attractive and user-friendly interface.

These custom apps are designed by highly skilled developers and experts to accelerate the efficiency of your brand. The goal is to provide a meeting point between your needs and our unique style for the creation of an authentic and sophisticated model.

Software modernization.
Extend the functionality of your tools.

All applications go through a life cycle: a system that today could be considered cutting edge, could become obsolete in a year due to the pace of technological change and changing business needs. Successful software modernization is more than just moving data to the cloud - it's an opportunity to transform the way an organization works.

We adopt innovative strategies to ensure that your projects fit into a technological context in step with the times and strictly modernized:
  • we lift a part of an entire existing application from your on-premise infrastructure and move it into the cloud with little or no code changes;
  • we make substantial changes to the code or configuration of your application to move it to the cloud without affecting its external behavior; in this way the existing application architecture remains unchanged;
  • we rebuild your application from scratch creating new features to replace existing applications; this process includes updating the application architecture for a fully modern stack.

Software integrations and API systems.
Scale your services by developing an API system.

The API system (application programming interface) represents a great innovation tool: this set of definitions and protocols - with which application software are created and integrated - is able to put different products and services in communication with each other, accelerating the life cycle. development for a variety of business apps or by augmenting existing capabilities.

A good API system allows you to connect different types of information, devices and services, embed third party software in your product and launch new user experiences and / or digital products.

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